Government PE Grant Academic Year 2018-19

We received £18,380 for 2018-19. 

The money has been used to provide high quality coaching, equipment, after school opportunities and swimming provision.

  • Specialist coaching - £10,628
  • Pool heating, maintenance and resources - £7,723
  • Outside equipment - £2,041

We  have a specialist gymnastics coach that visits the school weekly again using someone with these skills not only has impact on the children but also on the continuing professional development for the staff within school as they are there with her in supportive role. 

The specialist says:

"Whilst coaching the children at Ilfracombe Infants I have seen them increase their physical awareness, strength, confidence and positive body consciousness to no end.  When each individual starts to understand that they are in charge of their brains and their bodies and that they can do anything they put their minds to, it is a personal achievement for me every time.  We have worked on the basics from the British Gymnastics guidelines including shapes, jumps, rolls, balances, whilst incorporating teamwork, partner work and focusing on ourselves as individuals.  I have seen the children realise that they are capable of far more than they may have thought and come to understand that Gymnastics really is accessible to all.  The children with additional learning needs present another level of inspiring competency, surprising us all with their strength and capabilities.  I continue to learn and develop as a coach with each new budding gymnast I meet.  We have included a strong element of mindfulness this term, emphasising the importance of looking after our bodies and understanding the impact that nutrition, healthy living choices, our emotions, external forces and exercise has upon our human bodies."

The children have access to high quality specialist coaching for tennis. They walk to Ilfracombe tennis club for their tuition which familiarises them with the court setting. The coach is supported by teaching staff and assistants whom gain valuable skills and knowledge within this specialist area, therefore ensuring that this high quality provision is sustainable.  A number of children then choose to join our weekly after school tennis club with the same specialist coach. Many children often go on to join the local club and are playing tennis after school, during the weekend and in school holidays. Our pupils have also been very successful in the local schools tennis competitions that are held twice a year for year 2.

The Tennis Specialist says:

“Teaching the children at Ilfracombe Infants, from reception to year 2 for 12 weeks of tennis each year from Ilfracombe Tennis Club provides great development opportunities as well as some fun learning. It’s most rewarding to see the self-esteem from the children when new skills are acquired. This encourages the focus to achieve, helping to create optimistic young minds. The tennis is always sociable and those that go on to attend club activities also supported by older children who we have taught, something we actively encourage."

At our school we have an onsite heated swimming pool. Our pool is used during the summer term and up until the end of October.  All children, including nursery children, swim weekly. The swimming lessons are delivered by class teachers that have had appropriate training.  Free after school swimming clubs are also offered each week. These are very well attended. The impact of this is that the children are more confident and aware of safety around and within the water. Alongside other water skills strokes are also developed. Funding is used for maintaining and heating the pool as well as ensuring that staff are up to date with knowledge and skills for teaching this. 


Weekly Exeter City Football Club coaches come to deliver multiskills and football sessions after schools. These are very popular clubs and are well attended.  From this many of the children then go on to join their other out of school clubs with increased knowledge and skills. 

New equipment has been purchased through the funding for our early years provision. This has ensured that the children are able to have access to equipment suitable to their different developmental stages and it supports the teaching of coordination and balance. The apparatus has allowed the nursery children in particular to develop their gross motor skills using different ways of moving over, under and through equipment of a safe but challenging size. Children will find transition to school easier as they have used it in the formality of PE lessons and in the hall environment.  Using this has built up their confidence, physical and spatial awareness.    

Outdoor resources have been purchased for play and lunchtimes to give all children access to develop a range of sporting and team skills. These include football, tag rugby games, tennis, dance, small ball control, parachute and basketball.  The impact of this has already shown the children are able to play together in small team situations and are beginning to apply team skills when working within the classroom too. MTAs support and monitor the activities and have reported improved playtime behaviours and increased participation with the variety of sports offered each day.