School Council

About us

The School Council is made up of representatives from each class. The representatives are chosen by the class voting system. We meet every Friday at 2.30pm unless there is a reason to cancel the meeting, e.g., whole school activity or special events.

School Council Aims

We aim to ensure that our pupil’s views and suggestions are taken into account and to give our pupils a feeling of ownership of the school. Topics for discussions are closely linked with a whole school theme, for example, Behaviour, Discipline and Learning.

Reporting to the Head teacher

A record of each meeting or ½ termly summary is given to the Head teacher and class teachers. Suggestions – Ideas for playground activities, ecology activities, school behaviour etc., are acted on and the Head teacher takes seriously, and values, the pupils input and items are frequently raised and discussed at whole school assembly.

Recent OFSTED Report

In our latest OFSTED Report our School Council was judged to be enthusiastic and pro-active in school matters seeing themselves as a “mini governing body”.

Iris Watson
Vice Chair