Community Cohesion

Ilfracombe has a strong sense of community and our school plays an important part in the lives of many people who live here. The school is involved in many of the town’s celebrations throughout the year, as well as organising our own events that take place in the High Street, at the seafront or at other local schools.

The school building and grounds is open and accessible to parents and other adults and groups, whilst still being a safe beautiful place to be proud of.

As part of their thematic learning children carry out field work looking at the seaside town and its Victorian buildings. There is such a lot to learn about and experience within a short walking distance! Many of the half termly topics include learning more about our town and its people.

Children also learn about what it’s like to live in the wider community. We have ever increasing links with other schools around Britain where children find out through visits, email and letters.

We also aim to promote a greater understanding of the global community during our topic called “All Around the World”.

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