Ilfracombe is a vibrant seaside town nestled amongst the coastal cliffs and rural landscapes of North Devon.

At its heart is a working Harbour, which is also widely used for leisure and tourism pursuits. From here you can take coastal cruises, fish, embark on sea life safaris. However, Ilfracombe is far more than a harbour town and there are many other attractions and diversions in this uniquely creative community. 
We asked the children what they liked best about being in Ilfracombe and this is what they told us:
“We’ve got a park. There are white ducks there. There’s a tennis place. You can go in the shop and buy ice creams. “ 
                                                                           Lara, 7

“You can find crabs down the seafront and go fishing. In the aquarium there’s starfish and lobsters. “ 
                                                                         Harry, 7

“The Play Hut has all different balls, 2 slides and a tunnel slide. It has a pole made of rubber that’s very fast spinning! It has ropes you can swing on. “ 
                                                                         Kacie, 5

“There’s sand on the beach, sea, shells, boats. I put my feet in the water and its cold! “ 
                                                                        Sarah, 4  

“The beach is sandy and it has shells. I’ve got 13 shells at home! There’s pebbles and stones. Down the seafront it’s stony and seaweedy!” 
                                                                          Lucy, 5

“You can buy stuff in the shops…sweets. I go to Spar. The cars take people places. There’s churches, ambulance and police.” 
                                                                        Macey, 5

“I sometimes go up Capstone. We go up the hill and the hill is really steep. At the top there’s a lot of grass and a flag. If you look out you can see the sea. Once when I went up and I saw some dolphins! Also you can see all the houses.“                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Tegen, 6