Internet Safety  (E-safety)

The Internet today plays an important role in society. Its significance will continue to increase over the course of our children’s lives.
At Ilfracombe Infants School we are conscious of the power and potential of the Internet but are however aware that excess use of such technology can leadi to a neglect of outdoor or social activities and also the dangers of accidentally, or deliberately, accessing pictures or other material which could be offensive. There is also the need to be aware of the danger of young people unwittingly getting into contact with inappropriate individuals via internet sites.
The school implements an E-safety policy to ensure that all use of the network by staff, pupils and visitors is done so in a safe and responsible manner as laid out in our ICT Policy.
All staff are made aware of the school’s E-Safety Policy and their role in safeguarding children while using the school’s network and the Internet and any new
issues are regularly discussed in staff meeting and training days when appropriate.
Click on the headings below to view some other Internet Securirty websites and our school E-safety leaflet at the bottom of the page.


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