In F2HC this half term we have been looking at ‘People who help us’. We spent some time looking at construction vehicles and people who help to build. We shared together ideas about what we could build and talked about what materials we would build these things from.


“This is my model house Miss Campbell.

Look it has a roof and you can go on this bit outside”.



Children worked together to see how high they could build without the bricks tumbling down. Other children built their own models from bricks.

Once we had explored building with bricks we talked about making our role play area into a building site. We shared ideas about how we need to design what we are building first so we know what it looks like. We talked about the materials and tools we would need, how to stay safe so that others can see us and protect ourselves from getting hurt.

The children then took their learning outside and used clipboards to draw their buildings before making them.
                                    "This is drawings of my house I'm going to build
                                    I have got writing on them so you know what
                                    room it is. I have two drawings, one green and
                                    one red and purple.”
Once the children had their designs they set to work on building. They used big bricks and ‘wet sand’ for the cement and worked together to help each other.
Here are some of the buildings we have made.
                                      “It’s a den and it’s got a roof so you don’t get                   "This is my plan of my house that I amgoing to
                                     wet if it rains. You can only have 4 people in it.”                build. The other children have built steps you
                                                                                                                              can go up and down like stairs in a house."