Car Parking

The majority of our parents walk to and from school with their children but in spite of this parking is a problem in the area at the start and end of the school day. Despite the parking restrictions in force some parents still insist on parking their cars inappropriately and adding to the congestion, particularly on Marlborough Road. This in turn can cause gridlock resulting in large vehicles mounting the pavement to get through and putting pedestrians in danger.
Both the Fire and the Ambulance Stations are very close to the school, and any delay caused to these services could cost a life.
We would like to thank all of our parents who do adhere to the regulations, we know this means you have a little further to walk but it does ensure the safety of our children.
As you may have seen, civil parking enforcement officers and local police are making spot visits to the school, and taking note of improper parking. Please remember, the parking restrictions are there for the safety of your children as well as all other road users and pedestrians.
Please see map below which shows available parking and restrictions around our school.