Come to our Harvest Market

posted 11 Oct 2012, 22:49 by   [ updated 11 Oct 2012, 22:50 ]

To celebrate all our hard work this term around our topic of farms and harvest, we will be having a special Harvest Market for our grown ups to visit and have fun. This will be on the 23rd of October at 2pm. We are really looking forward to this special day and sharing all of our learning with our grown ups.

Today we have been thinking about how we can let everyone know about our market. We thought the best idea would be to make some posters to show around our classroom that tell everyone all about it. So we got really busy and thought about the types of pictures that might want to make people come along and the kinds of sentences that might make our grown ups and others really interested in our market.

We thought we would show you a few of our posters on our blog but, if you visit our classroom, you might even see others that will make you want to come along and have fun.

You can also click on the photos to open the posters in another window to see larger versions.