Egg-stronauts Are Go!

posted 12 May 2013, 21:48 by   [ updated 12 May 2013, 21:48 ]
This Friday we finally got to see if we could keep our Egg-stronauts safe on their special space journey. Before today We had already planned how we might do this by making plans about how to build the rocket they would travel in and what we could use in their cockpit to keep them safe and arrive without a crack. 

But today we would find out if our plans and designs would work as well as we thought. We were really excited to be doing this, but also knew that we would have to work carefully to make sure we followed our plans carefully and made the safest space vehicle we could.

The first thing we did was choose our Egg-stronaut and give them a brave explorers face. Next we worked with our partner to look at the plan we had made and build our rocket in the same way we planned and using the same materials. To do this we had to do lots of measuring, cutting and joining with different materials to make our rocket strong enough to fly and make the journey in one piece. As we were doing this some of us decided that we would like to make changes to our rockets when we saw what some of our friends were doing. So we got our friends to explain what they had done and how they thought it might fly better and then some of us decided we would use the same techniques. This was very good because it got us all talking about our rockets and thinking what might make them even better to deliver our Egg-stronaut safely on his mission.

Once we had made our rocket we started to look at how we had planned to keep the Egg-stronauts safe inside of the rocket. Using our plans and all the materials we had chosen, we began to fill the inside of our rocket in different layers and different ways. Some of us also made special suits for our Egg-stronauts to wear to keep us safe. We were really careful when doing this as we knew that if we packed the capsule too tightly then that might damage the Egg-stronaut even more, so we spent time getting the right type of materials and in the right amount to made a really safe capsule.

We then placed our Egg-stronauts inside our rockets, made sure the capsule was closed tightly and were then ready to launch them on their mission into outer-space. 

To do this we went to our patio and Mr Budge threw them as far as he could to the nearest planet. It was really exciting to see them fly so far and stay in one piece as they flew so far and landed on the strange alien playground planet. When all of our rockets had landed we zoomed to the landing area and picked up or rockets. We couldn’t wait to see if our Egg-stronauts had made their journey in one piece.

Egg-stronauts Are Go!