Exploring Shapes

posted 21 Apr 2013, 04:01 by jason@ilfracombe-inf.devon.sch.uk   [ updated 21 Apr 2013, 04:03 ]
In Math this week we were exploring and investigating the features of shapes. First, we looked again at 2D shapes and explored their properties. We thought a lot about what the term properties meant and how it is related to shapes. After this we worked in pairs to sort and classify a large range of shapes by the properties they each had. While we were doing this we had to be able to name the shapes and explain why we had sorted them the way we had by describing each of their properties. 

At the end of the lesson we played Shape or no Shape and Mr Budge described a range of properties and we had to hold Up the shape that matched his description and name what it shape it was.

We also made aliens out of different 2D shapes and wrote down all of the properties and shape names our aliens were made of.

Then on Thursday and Friday we began to explore 3D shapes. We thought a lot about the differences and similarities between these and 2D shapes. Jamie came up with an amazing description and said that “3D shapes pop out like 3D films do, but 2D shapes are flat like normal films”. We all thought this was a fantastic description of the difference between the two, and showed that Jamie was doing some really hard thinking.

We spent the rest of the time exploring a range of 3D shapes and learning lots of new words that are used to describe their features. Words like edges, faces and vertices and looked at how we could find these on a variety of shapes and show what we had found to others.

We found out that there are lots of new words that we will need to really understand when working with shapes, but Mr Budge was really proud of how hard we worked to investigate all these different shapes and use the new words we had learnt to describe them. This will make it easier next time we come to work with shapes in Math.

Exploring 2D Shapes

Playing Shape or No Shape

Investigating 3D Shapes