Fairytale Fun in the Woods

posted 5 Mar 2013, 10:24 by jason@ilfracombe-inf.devon.sch.uk   [ updated 5 Mar 2013, 10:24 ]
Today we went on a trip to Chapel Woods and we all had such a great time. We did this as part of our learning about traditional tales and Little Red Riding Hood as we thought it would be good to visit a real forest and think all about the story in a place where it might have taken place. 

Everyone had loads of fun learning about the story, out in the sunshine, among all the trees and fallen leaves. As soon as we got there we visited the chapel and all sat down while Mr Budge retold the story of Little Red Riding Hood using lots of different masks for the character. This was really exciting because we were all sat in a building just like one in that Little Red Riding Hood might have lived in.

Afterwards we thought we would have a go at helping the Little Pigs and started building our own houses out of sticks and other things we could find in the forest. We loved doing this, especially working together to find materials that would cover up our houses and protect the pigs from the Big Bad wolf. Once we had finished, we sat inside our houses just like the Little Pigs would have done to think about how well we had done making them. We did so well that, even though our houses were made of sticks, a wolf would never be able to blow them down.

After we had finished our houses, we had our lunch in the forest and enjoyed trying to spot different birds and making our own wolf noises. It was so nice because it was really sunny and we could sit on the ground without getting all muddy.

When we had finished our lunch we got busy thinking about how we could make a giant story map of Little Red Riding Hood right there in the forest. So we went off searching for things that might help us make a really good story map. Once we had collected everything together we got really busy working in teams to make a story map that included all of the things in the story; and in the right order.

To do this properly we split into teams and worked on the different parts of the story that we knew. We started off by building Little Red Riding Hood’s house, Grandma’s house and the spooky forest. We did this by using sticks we had found and joining them together with clay and tape. While we were doing this other teams built a track made from stones that followed the journey of Little Red Riding Hood and which went, from her house, all the way through the forest to Grandma’s. It was such a big job, but because we worked so hard it seemed really easy to us.

Once we had built all the different places we thought about all the things that happen in the story and where they happened. When we were sure we were right, we made all the characters like the Wolf, Little Red Riding Hood, the Woodcutter, Grandma and even Red Riding Hood’s Mum. We made these out of all the different things we could find and then placed them where they would be found in the story. We were especially proud of the red hood we made out of Baby Bel wrappers!

Finally we decided to make some signs and speech bubbles to help tell the story and all got busy writing our favourite parts and adding them to our story map. By the end of all our hard work we were so proud of our story map and Mr Budge couldn’t believe his eyes!

Finally, we thought we had worked so hard, that we decided to go into the big field next to the forest and play some games before going back to school. We wish all of our grown-ups could have been with us as we had such a fantastic day, but we hope all of our photos give you an idea of just how special it was.

Building Houses for the Little Pigs

Our Forest Story Map

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