Firework Pictures

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Yesterday, everyone in IJB thought it would be good  to make some firework pictures to help us celebrate firework night. First we had a big think about why there is a firework night. We thought it might be to "make Ilfracombe look pretty" and "to have lots of fun and to light up the sky". But then we used the internet to find out that there was a man a long time ago called Guy Fawlkes who wanted to blow up the king in London, and that he was caught and couldn't do it. We found out that this is why we celebrate firework night.

After that we thought a lot about how we wanted our firework pictures to look. We wanted them to be bright and shiny and to make lots of patterns on the page. Just like real fireworks. We also wanted them to fill up the paper like fireworks fill up the sky. We had a think about all the fireworks we had seen and the shapes they made in the sky to help us think about how we might draw them.

But we were surprised when Mr Budge gave us white paper because we didn’t think they would look bright enough. We chose the brightest crayons we could and worked really hard to draw the best fireworks we could. When we had finished they did look bright, but not as bright as real fireworks because the white paper was also really bright.

Then Mr Budge told us that he had been keeping a secret from us. Just like Guy Fawlkes keeping a secret from the King. He showed us that he had lots of black ink that we could paint on our pictures. First of all we thought they would be ruined and that we should have used the black first. But then, when we did paint them on our drawings the ink slipped off of the crayon and just made the paper dark. We didn't expect this and suddenly our fireworks were super bright and looked like real fireworks in the night time.
To See more of how we made our firework pictures and to see some of our pictures when they were finished you can have a look at these slideshows. We hope you like them as much as we do.

Making Firework Pictures

Our Firework Pictures