Harvest Market Decorations

posted 18 Oct 2012, 00:06 by jason@ilfracombe-inf.devon.sch.uk   [ updated 21 Nov 2012, 15:28 ]
We have begun to get reallt busy preparing for our Harvest Market next Tuesday. We have already made posters, tickets, invites and activity lists to help us get ready. Now we are beginning to think about and make all the other things we need for this special event.
Today, we decided we would make decorations, so got really busy thinking about what kind of decorations might look the best, what colours to use and how to make them. We decided that we would like both bunting and paper chains and we would like to use autumn colours and pictures. We decided that reds, oranges and browns would look the best and that we would like to use leaves in someway.
Once this was decided we got started making them. We thought we would use our knowledge of patterns to help us make the paper chains and were really careful to always get the colours in the right order so that it made the perfect pattern. We made them really long as well to make sure they would stretch all across the corridor. To do this we measured the corridor by walking across and seeing how many footsteps it took and then measured the paper chains in the same way.
We also got busy making our bunting. We first drew leaves using a black pen and then joined them altogether to make another type of pattern. The we used watercolour pencil crayons to colour them in. Once they were coloured in we used water on a paint brush to go over the pencil crayon and this mixed all the colours together. David thought it "was like magic when the crayon turned to paint" and Elise liked them so much she did two whole sheets and only stopped when it was time to go home. We are all really proud of these buntings and Rhianna thought they "look like real looking leaves".
We still have loots to do, but we think our decorations are going to look amazing and really like autumn.
We will put some more great photos of our decorations on our blog later today. We hope you like them.