Information About France

posted 6 Feb 2013, 22:56 by   [ updated 6 Feb 2013, 22:56 ]
We have really enjoyed learning all about France and using what we have found out to help us write information posters about what we have found out. First we read lots of things about France as a class and as pairs and then thought hard about the facts we learnt about it and what we would like to tell other people about. 

After we had decided what facts we would like to include in our posters, we made a spider diagram to help us plan all of the things we might include in our posters. These plans were really helpful and let us remember all the different facts we had learnt and how we might make them interesting for other people to read.

When we had finished our plans and presented them to the class, we got on with writing our posters. As we did this, we worked hard to use all the information from our plans and join these ideas together to make the best posters we could.

We really hope you enjoy reading them as much as we enjoyed making them.

French Information