Little Red Hen's Bread Tasting Party

posted 7 Oct 2012, 08:29 by   [ updated 21 Nov 2012, 15:31 ]
As part of our literacy learning that children have been finding out what invitations are and how they can write them. As part of this learning the children received a very special invitation from Little Red Hen. She really wanted to share the bread she had made and some of the other wonderful things that are made on her farm, but didn't want to share it with the lazy dog, pig and cat from the story.

Luckily, she had heard that 1JB were a really helpful class and decided to invite them to her Bread Tasting party on Friday afternoon. So 1JB wrote back to Little Red Hen to say how much we would like to come and waited patiently for the day to arrive.

Unfortunately, when the time arrived we found out that Little Red Hen couldn't make it due to all of her busy jobs on the farm, but she did send us plenty of great things to have the party without her. In a special box, with a note from Hen herself, we found lots of different breads and plenty of things to enjoy with them.