Making Clay Wolves

posted 3 Mar 2013, 08:26 by   [ updated 3 Mar 2013, 08:26 ]
Today we decided to make our Big Bad Wolves out of clay and other natural materials. After working with clay to make our spooky forest, we were excited to work with it again to some create different art. 

We knew this would not be an easy thing to do as a wolf has lots of different parts and lots of tricky details, but we knew if we really focused and followed our instructions we could do our best. We all sat with Mr Budge and, like him, we had a lump of clay each to make our wolf. First we did some experiments with how we could use our hands to make different shapes, including using our fingers to pinch and pull it to make different shapes. 

Then we got started by making the clay look like a short fat worm. After this we bent it with our hands near the end so it looked like the worm was looking up into the sky. We kept on saying that it didn’t look like a wolf, but Mr Budge said not to worry, and that it would when we finished. He told us that it would transform from a fat worm looking at the sky, into a duck and then it would become a wolf; Just like that!

Once we all made the shape of the worm looking up, we used our fingers to pinch the end of the worms face and make it longer and longer. Soon we could spot that this looked like the snout of the wolf and could see that Mr Budge might be telling the truth.

After that Mr Budge said he would leave the rest to us and that we could add all the different details to make it really look like a wolf. To help us do this he gave us different tools to scratch the clay to add details like the face and fur, as well as lots of different sticks to make legs and teeth and some leaves to make our wolf tails.

It still wasn’t easy, but we all worked together to make our wolves as real as we could make them. Some of us stuck small sticks into the wolves mouths to make scary teeth, others bent sticks to make the wolves ears or pinched the clay on the top to make them big and pointy clay ears. We also chose different sticks for their legs and cut them so they would be the same size. Just to make sure that our wolves would not fall over in the forest! 

It was hard putting the legs in, but we squeezed the clay around them really tight so that they fitted just right and our wolves did not fall over. After this we got little bits of clay and made round eyes for our wolves and some people used wire to give their wolves whiskers. 

When we had finished we put our wolves in the spooky forest and added a long leaf for their tails. We think they look really scary and can’t wait for them to dry, so we can see just how great they look. We all loved working with the clay and look forward to making other sculptures this term.

If you can, come along and have a look at our spooky forest and all those sneaky, tricky clay wolves. But, be careful, they look so real, they might bite!

Wolf Sculptures

Our Spooky Wolf Forest