Making Maps

posted 10 Jan 2013, 14:36 by   [ updated 10 Jan 2013, 15:14 ]
As part of our All around the World topic this term we are thinking lots about maps, how they are used and how we can make them ourselves. Today we made a start by making our own maps of Ilfracombe, using our own houses as a starting point. Before we did this though we looked at what is meant by the words ‘symbol’ and 'label' and how they are used when people make maps. 

We then got busy making our own maps and thinking about where our houses are in Ilfracombe and the directions to other places we know in the town. When we had done this we added them to our maps, being careful to draw a symbol to show what it was and label these clearly so that other people could read our maps. 

Once we finished our maps we swapped them with our friends and Mr Budge to see if other people could read them and recognise the different landmarks we had included.

Afterwards, as it was a sunny day, we thought it would be a great idea to all work together to make a giant map of Ilfracombe on the playground for other people to see when they finished school. So we all went outside and worked together to draw the biggest map we had ever seen. This was not easy because we all had to work together to decide where things would go and make sure we talked to each other about the different jobs we had to do to make the map. When we had finished we realised that we didn’t quite get everything right, but thought about how we might work together next time to make it perfect.

Look at how focused Matty, Ruby and Orla are on making the best maps they can. Everybody in 1JB showed amazing learning skills today and we are so proud of them.