Marking Our Friend's Work

posted 6 Feb 2013, 22:52 by   [ updated 6 Feb 2013, 22:52 ]
Today we really enjoyed the chance to mark each other’s work. In literacy we were learning how to find keywords using our class sound mats. Keywords are those words we use a lot in our writing and are important to learn to spell as soon as we are able. 

To help us do this we had a special literacy lesson where we played different games to use our sound mats to find lots of different keywords and when we found them use the mat carefully to spell the keywords as they are spelt on the mats. We really enjoyed doing this and we think it will help us be able to find the words and spell them when we are writing on our on at other times.

But the best part of our learning was that we had a chance to mark each other’s work. This was lots of fun and it also let us check the different words our friends had written to make sure that they had spelt them the same way as they are on the mat. If it was spelt the same way we could give our friend a tick for that word to say they had got it right. This also helped us to find the words again, check how they are spelt and will make us better keyword spellers as well.

After that we also got to write a comment on our friends work to tell them what we thought of the learning they had done in the lesson and how good their spelling of the keywords were. This was a really interesting thing to do and we cannot wait to have the chance to do it again.

Below is a slideshow where you can look at all the hard work we did finding all these keywords and marking our friends learning.

Marking Our Friend's Work