Meeting Princess

posted 23 Jun 2013, 16:11 by   [ updated 23 Jun 2013, 16:12 ]
1JB had a special surprise visitor to our classroom on Friday; Princess the bearded dragon. Gemma, who has been helping us in our class this term, brought Princess in to let us see just what a bearded dragon is and for us to find out more about these interesting reptiles. 

It was a really exciting visit and, although a few of us were a little frightened to meet Princess at first, we found out that there was nothing to worry about. We learnt that Princess wouldn’t hurt us like a real dragon would and that she was actually more worried about us than we were about her. We were also really lucky to be able to hold Princess if we wanted to and feel how soft her skin was and to feel how she moved. We asked Gemma lots of questions about how Princess lived, how big she would get and the kinds of things she likes to do. 

We also talked about where Princess and other bearded dragons might live in the wild. Zach had a very clever idea that they might live in the desert because of what he already knew about lizards and because of the colour of Princess’s skin. We found out that they did in fact live in the desert and that Zach’s ideas about the colour of her skin were right.

At the end of the visit, before Princess was due to go home, we were also lucky to see her eat some of her favourite food. Most of us guessed that she would eat bugs and we were right. So we all watched as Princess tucked into some tasty mealworms. While we all decided that that we wouldn’t like to eat them ourselves we could see that Princess really enjoyed them and watched as she flicked her tongue out to eat them. Afterwards, Molly thought that Princess might want some pudding and asked if it would be ok to give her some of the bananas we had for fruit time. Gemma wasn’t sure if Princess would like that but said we could try if we wanted. So we got a little bit of a banana and mashed it up for Princess. Mr Budge put the banana down next to Princess and we found out that Molly was right when Princess gobbled it all up.

We would like to thank Gemma for bringing Princess in to 1JB and letting us meet this amazing creature.

Meeting Princess