More Stella Space Work!

posted 6 May 2013, 15:55 by   [ updated 6 May 2013, 15:55 ]

As always 1JB you never stop amazing me with all of the great work you do in your spare time. You really are such incredible learners and it is always makes me so proud to see all of the things you have done. It shows me just how much you are enjoying your learning at school and how much you are enjoying our space topic! 

But not only that, you take the time to practice so many other skills and that’s what makes you such fantastic learners and makes me so proud of all you all.

Have a look at the slideshow below to have a look at and celebrate all of the great work you do out of school. You all deserve a massive round of applause for making everyone around you so happy with your hard work! Well done!

Stella Space Work