Multi-Skills Festival

posted 21 Oct 2012, 22:50 by   [ updated 21 Oct 2012, 22:51 ]

On Thursday, 1JB and the rest of Year 1 took a trip up to the Arts College to take part in a local school’s multi-skills festival. We had our lunch early and then walked up to the college, crossing our fingers and hoping it would not rain. Once we got there we all got ready to get really sporty. The college is very big and we did all of our exercises and activities in a giant sorts hall. Even though there were loads of other schools from all around Ilfracombe, the hall was so big that there was still plenty more room for lots of other children.

The festival was really fun and really tiring. At the moment we are learning about how to keep our bodies healthy in our science lessons and this was a fantastic way to find out more about this.

We did so many different activities and were all tired out by the end of the day. When it finished we had to walk back to school before going home. Luckily, the walk back to school was downhill!

Multi Skills