Number Stories

posted 14 Oct 2012, 22:18 by   [ updated 14 Oct 2012, 22:21 ]

On Friday we all looked closely at number sentences and thought exactly what they are telling us. We learnt that they are a special type of sentence that tells us facts and stories about numbers and what happen with them. To help us look at this more closely and really think about what number sentences say, we thought we would tell our own number stories and think about how we would write these as number sentences.

So we all got lots of different objects and began to think about all the stories we could tell with them. Once we had made our stories, we wrote down our number sentences and then check with each other and Mr Budge if they made sense. We did this by retelling the story and matching what we said to the number sentence we wrote. This was not always as easy as it sounded and we found out why it is so important for all the signs and number to be in the right place for a number sentence to make sense and the answer to the story to be right.