Observing Vegetables

posted 14 Oct 2012, 17:45 by jason@ilfracombe-inf.devon.sch.uk   [ updated 14 Oct 2012, 21:59 ]
Earlier last week the children began to think about how they might make observational drawings. We talked a lot about how making these types of drawings is different to drawing from our imaginations, or drawing how we think things looks. We all spent some time getting our eyes and brains to 'observe' different things around the classroom and think about exactly how they looked and getting used to noticing lots of the details we see.

Once we got really good at doing this, we thought it would be useful to make observational drawings and see if we could draw things and include all the small details we notice about those things. We decided to choose vegetable to take our drawings from because we are learning all about harvest and farms and, also because, we could eat some of them afterwards.

The children did an amazing job in their observations. They looked at their chosen vegetable really carefully and began to notice their shape, details, colours and other things about them. Each of the things they noticed they then included in their paintings.

They were all really proud of their observational skills, as was I, and the vegetables they drew really look good enough to each. We hope you enjoy looking at them and hope they don't make you too hungry!

Vegtable Drawings