Oh No You Won't!

posted 13 Nov 2012, 22:24 by jason@ilfracombe-inf.devon.sch.uk   [ updated 13 Nov 2012, 22:24 ]
Today, after lunch, we had a really special time at school. Even though it is still a long way to go until Christmas 1JB, and the rest of the classes in our school, got to watch a pantomime of Peter Pan. It was amazing fun!

We all squeezed into the big hall and saw that the actors had made a stage to do the pantomime on and that the hall was really dark like a real theatre. We were all so excited and got even more excited when it began.

The pantomime was just like the film of Peter Pan but even funnier. It had Peter Pan, Captain Hook, the crocodile and all the other characters we could remember and they all made us laugh so much. Especially Captain Hook and the bits when the crocodile was after him.

The people doing it were being silly lots of times and everyone in the school, even the grown ups, were laughing really loud all of the time. We also got to join in lots of times and had to tell Peter Pan and Wendy when the pirates were going to get them and help the crocodile get Captain Hook. One of the best things in the pantomime was getting to boo Captain Hook because he really didn’t like it.

"We helped Peter Pan escape from
Captain Hook's silly traps."   Toby

"The dog that was Wendy's was nice and
we had lots of fun helping him when
he wanted to help Wendy". Jamie

"I really liked helping Peter Pan
to win
all the time." David

"The pirates had lots of evil plans, but they
were really silly and couldn't do them
because we helped ruin them." Rhianna

"Captain Hook was trying to make us scared,
but he was so silly and I laughed at him
and we all booed him all the time".

"Can you spot 1JB in the audience?"
Mr Budge