Our Alien Party

posted 4 Jun 2013, 20:55 by jason@ilfracombe-inf.devon.sch.uk   [ updated 4 Jun 2013, 20:55 ]
Yesterday we had a special alien party because Mr Budge was sick before the holiday and he could not come to our last party. We wanted it to be a really fun party for everyone and thought it would be really good to do on our first day back. 

First of all Mr Budge poured all of our hats and puppets onto the floor and we all had a big scrabble to find our own things and get ready. At the same time Mr Budge started to put up the alien decorations we made, but was being a bit silly and fell of the chair and bumped his shoulder really hard on the cupboard and fell on the floor. Mr Budge said “ouch!” and we all laughed at him for being so silly. We told him he must never do that again because it was dangerous and he always tells us not to stand on chairs. Mr Budge said he would never do it again as he knew that it was a very silly thing to do.

After that Mr Budge put on some really strange alien music and we had an alien disco. We danced all around the classroom with our hats and alien puppets and did lots of weird alien dances. Then all the aliens decided to attack Mr Budge because it would be fun and all of our alien puppets started to bite and nip him. Mr Budge looked very scared and we were all laughing and getting him more and more.

Next we thought we would like to show our alien puppets what the planet Earth looked like, so we took them out into the playground so they could explore all around our planet. We showed them everything we could about our planet and then David had a good idea that the train could be a rocket. So we all got on the train and shouted “10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0, blast off!” and pretended to blast off into space.

Following this we started to make some really strange alien shadows by joining up with our friends and making weird shapes with our bodies until our shadows looked like real aliens. This was loads of fun and Finley made a shadow that everyone thought looked like a real alien.

Finally we went back to our classroom and made lots of alien faces out of different sweets. Mr Budge told us we were not allowed to eat any of the sweets until we had finished our aliens. This was really hard because the sweets looked really tasty, but we tried really hard not to sneak any when we were working. There were dolly mixtures, jelly beans, fizzy cokes, crisps and loads of other
things we could make our aliens from and in the end they looked just like real aliens. As soon as we had finished Mr Budge and Jeanette took a picture of our alien and we could munch the sweets. They were so tasty! Some of us made even more than one alien so that we could have some more sweets.

We really enjoyed our party and thinking about how we could be reporters and write all about it. Our favourite parts of the party was when Mr Budge fell off the chair because it was really funny and when we made our sweet aliens because the tasted so yummy!

Our Alien Party