Our Harvest Market

posted 23 Oct 2012, 22:58 by jason@ilfracombe-inf.devon.sch.uk   [ updated 23 Oct 2012, 23:34 ]
Today 1JB celebrated all our hard work this term by having a Harvest Market. We have been looking forward to this special event for weeks and have worked hard to make it the best Harvest Market ever. Along with other classes in Year 1 we made posters, invitations, tickets, signs and even designed the different stalls to make sure it could be the best celebration ever of our first term in Year One.

It was really important to get it just right because we had invited all of our grown ups to come along and have fun with us and to share work and ideas with them. We had a fantastic time and we think our grown ups did as well.

As soon as our grown ups arrived, we went straight to the Harvest Market along the Year One Corridor. Everyone had worked really hard to make sure the corridor looked like a real Harvest Market, and all of our grown ups agreed that the decorations and stalls made by the Year One classes created the perfect celebration.

It was so much fun showing our grown ups around and playing all of the harvest games we had made. We did ‘bobbing the apple’, ‘hook a veg’, ‘find the sweets in the haystack’ and so many other events. When we won we got to have a prize from the role-play house outside of our classroom. It was loads of fun and some of it was really hard, especially bobbing for apples. Lots of us got very wet trying to grab them with our teeth, but it was worth it when we got one.

All the other Year One classes did a brilliant job as well being the owners of the stall and made sure we paid our 10p for a go and that we knew the rules. We can’t wait to be the owners when it is Miss Green’s market on Thursday.

When we finished all of our fun in the Harvest Market we took the grown ups back to our classroom to share more of our work. First of all we sang them some of the Harvest songs and dances we have been learning and then read them some of the different poems we have been writing about farms and harvest. We were really proud to show them all of our hard work and could see they were proud of us as well. We especially liked singing ‘Pick a little pea’ because of all of the fun movements in it and doing our group poem about chickens.

After we had done all this our grown ups gave us a big clap and we had an even more special surprise to share with them. We put all of the tables in our classroom together and unrolled a giant piece of drawing paper. Then we all worked together to draw the biggest harvest picture ever. It was fun to do this job with our parents and we all helped each other and gave each other lots of different idea of what to draw. While we did this we also shared lots of Harvest fruit and cake.

But Mr Budge had made a big mistake and bought some really spicy muffins that made our tongues fizz! We had such a wonderful afternoon at our Harvest Market and hope our grown ups did as well. We just hope that next time, Mr Budge reads the labels on the cakes a bit better!

Here are two slideshows of our special celebration for you to look through and enjoy. After our Harvest Festival this morning we will be working as a class to add captions to these slideshows to describe them the best we can. So please come back and visit later so you can find out more about what we thought about our day.

Our Harvest Market

Our Poems