Our Reviews of the Play

posted 10 Mar 2013, 07:27 by jason@ilfracombe-inf.devon.sch.uk   [ updated 10 Mar 2013, 07:28 ]

As we all know, the children of 1JB are really fantastic learners and, during our group reading time on Friday, they have surprised me once again with just how amazing they are. During this time they not only read their books and took part in different reading activities, but some of them also found time to write about the play the Year 1 teachers put on the day before for World Book Day.

I was so proud of them for taking the time do do this and what they wrote and drew definitely brought a smile to my face. To find out just what they thought of it you can check out their reviews in the slideshow below. 

Personally, I think they have been far too kind!

What we thought of the play