Puppet Stories

posted 12 Nov 2012, 22:50 by jason@ilfracombe-inf.devon.sch.uk   [ updated 12 Nov 2012, 22:50 ]
This week we have been looking at different ways we can retell stories. We are doing this so we can try lots of different ways to help us remember the order that stories go in, and to help us remember the kinds of words we might use in a story. We have been doing this with our class story ‘One Dark Night, and today we used puppets to help us do it.

We worked in groups of three and thought it would be a fun and easy job. First we read the story as a class and then split into our groups to make stick puppets and retell the story. However, it was not as easy as we thought because we had to make sure that the puppets were in the right order to tell the story properly.

At first we found this difficult, because the puppets were all mixed up and we kept on losing our place, but then we decided that one person would retell the beginning, one would retell the middle and another would retell the end. This was much easier to do, and so we practiced together to make sure we would retell it in the correct order and remember to use the same story language we heard in the story.

Once we had practiced enough, each group came up to the front of the class and retold our story to the class using the puppets to help us. Because we had practiced and organised ourselves well we were able to tell the story by ourselves and in the right order. Using lots of different words that were just like those in the real story and being really confident. Mr Budge was not even as good as we were and told us just how proud he was of how well we could tell the story.

Please look at our slideshow to see more of all our hard work.

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