Ruby's Mum and Her Amazing Puppets

posted 16 Jun 2013, 20:12 by   [ updated 16 Jun 2013, 20:12 ]
Here is a report by some of 1JB's super reporters of our special shadow puppet day.

Yesterday Ruby's Mummy showed us how to make excellent puppets. First of all she showed us all of her funny puppets and did lots of funny voices. I really liked it when she showed us this little caterpillar because it kept on munching things and got bigger and bigger and bigger and was really giant in the end. (Finley) I liked the old king Cole puppet the best because he had a funny voice and made me laugh. (Jazmine) It made me laugh my head off because it was so funny. (Toby) 

Next she showed us how to make an amazing shadow puppet. She showed us that we could do this by cutting out cardboard and putting it on sticks. We could also make them move bits with a split pin to make them scary like her shark with a big mouth. (Jake) 

Then when we went back to class and made our own puppets. I was really excited because we could have a puppet show with our own puppets (Jade)  
Then we made our own fish shadow puppets. I made a jelly fish and used cardboard and different colourful cellophane to make long wiggly legs. (Rhianna)  When we made our brilliant puppets, my puppet was a swordfish and it had evil red eyes. I was really proud. (Ruby)

Finally we went back to the little hall and I was really excited that we got to show our puppets to all of Year One. My favourite bit was when we got to show our puppets and lots of people screamed. (Jade)  
When you put the puppet near the light it got bigger and bigger and when you did that all the other children screamed.(Jamie)

Ruby's Mum and Amazing Puppets