Seagull Art

posted 10 Jan 2013, 04:02 by   [ updated 10 Jan 2013, 14:08 ]
This term in art we will be learning more about drawing and painting. We will be exploring lots of different painting techniques and a range of paints to find out how they can help us make art. While we explore all these different styles and materials we will be thinking hard about how each of them feel to use and what we like about their different qualities and how we can use them effectively for different purposes.

Today we began our learning by looking at watercolours and how best to use paintbrushes to apply paint. As part of our learning about Ilfracombe we decided we would like to make some art about our town and, after lots of talking, we thought we would like to use the paint to help us make seagull art. 

We see seagulls everyday in our school and it is a creature we know well. So we thought hard about what they looked like and the features they have. We also looked at some pictures on the internet to remind us of some of the things we might not have noticed about them. Afterwards, we thought about the shapes that make up a seagull and how to draw them. We noticed their oval bodies, their long necks like a snake, their long pointy beaks and lots of other things. We used all of this to then help us draw a pencil sketch of a gull. This was not as easy as we thought, but we knew that we could try again if we
 found it tricky to begin with.

After we had finished our drawings we looked at how we could use the watercolour paint to finish off our art. We noticed that the paint really was like water and how tricky this made it to use. We practiced using the correct size brush for painting different areas and how to make sure we did not use too much paint, or paint the wrong areas. 

It was a really hard job, but we are proud of just how real our seagulls look. We hope you like them as well. Also, don’t worry, our seagulls don’t squawk and they won’t steal your food!

Our Seagulls