Stella Stuff!

posted 20 Apr 2013, 12:25 by   [ updated 20 Apr 2013, 12:25 ]
We have only just begun learning about space this week and the amazing learners in 1JB have already rocketed me into outer space with all of the enthusiasm they are showing for the topic and all things space. I really do feel like one of the luckiest teachers on the planet, or any planet for that matter, to see so much hard work and imagination. As well as all of the learning you guys do at school, you always show me just how interested and busy you are, by bringing into school all of the amazing work you do at home or in your spare time. 
Seeing as it is only our first week learning about space you have already been really busy bringing in some amazing space pictures and writing you have all done in your own time. What a bunch of busy and excited learners you are 1JB and you do really make me such a proud teacher. All I want to say to you is thank you so much for sharing all this work with me and I will always keep it as a reminder of all of your great imaginations. 

Yet it is far too special to keep to myself and I think all you hard work needs to be shown off to everyone. To do this I have managed to scan lots of these into the computer and have made a slide show so that everyone can have a look at all of your hard work. It is out of this world!

Stella Space Work