Talking Red Riding Hood

posted 3 Mar 2013, 08:45 by   [ updated 3 Mar 2013, 08:45 ]
On Friday we began to concentrate on learning the tale of Little red Riding Hood so that we can all be the best story tellers we can be. We have already been exploring the story in lots of different ways including using different books, using puppets and acting out the story. 

But today, 1JB really got down to business and worked together to use ‘talk for writing’ techniques to help us remember and tell the story in all its detail. We have used talk for writing before to help us with other stories and have found it useful in helping us to remember the details of stories that will help us with our writing.

We all love this way of learning a text and feel that it helps us be better writers. The way we do this is to remember the story as a group and look at all the different language and punctuation it uses. As we tell the story we then work as a team to think of different actions that will help us to remember the story. We can then retell the story using words and actions and  then write symbols on our whiteboard to help us even more.

We can then spend time going over the story using all these actions, symbols and words until we can retell it confidently and with lots of detail. It also helps us remember to use lots of new interesting words that we can then use in our writing. We enjoy doing this so much and, when we have learnt it the best that we can, we would love to show our grown ups just what great story tellers we have become. As well as just how much talk for writing helps us to become super writers. 

Red Riding Hood Talk