Telling Stories

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In literacy this week we have begun to think really hard about writing a space adventure story. To help us do as well as we can, we have been reading lots of different stories set in space and have been looking even more closely at our chosen story called Sam’s Space Adventure to find out as much as we can about these kinds of stories. 

We have been finding out what things might, the kinds of characters we might meet in them and thinking about what happens at the beginning, middle and end of this kinds of story. 

As part of this we have been working together to learn Sam’s Space Adventure so that we can retell it to other people. To do this we read the story together and used some ‘talk for writing’ techniques to help us get to know the story as well as we could, so we can retell it to other people and make it really exciting to listen to. By doing this we will then be able to write our own space adventure and make it as exciting as all of the different ones we have read. 

To help us learn the story and then retell it the best we could we used pictures from the story and puppets to help remind us of the different characters and parts 
of the story. We also used them to help use remember what happened at the beginning, middle and end of the story so that we didn’t miss anything out. 

So we worked really hard partners to retell the story in the right order and being careful not to miss out any important details. As well as this, we tried extra hard to listen to, and learn, the exciting story language used in the Sam’s Adventure so we could use similar exciting words when telling our own version. 

It was lots of fun, but even better is that we learnt the story really well and, once we had practiced with a partner, we got to perform our own versions as storytellers in front of all of our friends. This was really exciting and it was great to hear people clapping when we had finished; as well as give us even more ideas to make our stories even better next time. 

But, we not only had lots of fun telling telling our stories, we know it will also make our own space adventures even more exciting!

Telling Stories

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