Thank You Little Red Hen

posted 10 Oct 2012, 22:29 by   [ updated 10 Oct 2012, 22:29 ]
Last week 1JB were very lucky to be invited to a very special party by Little Red Hen. We all got to taste lots of different breads and other scrumptious farm foods, and had a really great time. Because it was so much fun, and Little Red Hen had been so kind to invite us, the children thought they would like to send a quick thank you letter to Little Red Hen.

We thought hard about what we wanted to say and why we wanted to write our letters. Then we thought about some of the words we might want to use in our letters and made a word bank to help us remember how to spell these important words. Once all this planning was done we got busy writing our letters to Little Red.

After we had finished writing, some children thought that the letters looked a little plain and thought it would be a good idea to draw a picture of Little Red Hen to show how happy her party made us feel. So we all thought about how we might draw a hen and used some books about farms to help us. Then, we got really busy again with our drawing skills and drew the best hen pictures we could.

We really hope Little Red Hen likes our letters because we really liked her party.

David is working so hard on his drawing

Ollie is busy thinking what else he could write

"Little Red Hen will be really happy because we've said thank you to her"

Ryan is taking real care to get it just right

Molly was so proud of her work and so was I

Jade was really focused on doing the best
 she could to say thank you

"She might even stick them up in her
chicken cage"

Elise and Jade are really proud of their letters