posted 7 Nov 2012, 09:49 by   [ updated 7 Nov 2012, 09:52 ]

Today we started our new term in Year 1, and were surprised and excited to find out that our topic this term will be toys. In our classroom we found a magic toybox with all of the toys coming to life and climbing out to have fun in the classroom. We also found that our role play house had turned into a toy shop with lots of posters showing all the different kinds of toys we will be selling to our customers.

We are also very excited because we will writing lots of stories about toys. Today we read a story called ‘One Dark Night’ which is about a little boy whose toys come to life and dance around his room. After watching it we thought hard about the story and used what we remembered to put the story in order to help us remember it.

We also thought of lots of different ways we could change the story to make it even better. We thought we might bring our own toys in and put them in the story and make our own toys really famous. We also thought it might be good to make puppets and tell the story to each other to remember it even better.

Please have a look at our slide show below to see more of all the amazing things we are learning about toys this term.