Our Poem

posted 15 Oct 2012, 22:57 by jason@ilfracombe-inf.devon.sch.uk   [ updated 15 Oct 2012, 22:58 ]

Today we started to think about writing poems for our farm and harvest topic. We have been reading lots of different poems this term and thought we would like to start writing some of our own.

We have noticed lots of different things about the poems we have read. We noticed that they use powerful words, that not all of them rhyme and that they are very different to stories. One of our favourite poems we have read is called ‘I’m talking about knees’ by Michael Rosen. We really liked it because it is funny and really makes you think about lots of things to do with knees. We thought it would be nice to use this poem to give us ideas about writing our own poems about farms.

But first we wanted to think about how a poet might think when writing a poem. So we thought we would all work together as a class to write a shared poem about our class scarecrow Sam. We looked carefully
at Sam and made a list of the types of things we might want to write about him.

Then we all worked together to write our poem. We decided on the thing we would write about first and then though of how we could start our sentence. Then we all thought about the words we might use to make that sentence sound exciting to someone reading it, and someone who has not seen Sam.

But, we didn’t use the first words we thought of and challenged ourselves to try and think of the most powerful words we could to make our poem as exciting as possible to read.

We hope you like the poem we all wrote together. It is called 'Our Scarecrow'.
Our Scarecrow
Our scarecrow is like a messy straw stature.
His clothes are like old man clothes and his hat is like a wrinkled chimney.
His hands are made of spiky yellow straw like scruffy hair.
He stands like he's stuck deep in squelchy, sticky mud.
But he will scare away the birds with his giant smile and his sharp, pointy carrot nose.