Victorian Teaching

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Here is the children's report about the morning Mr Budge was a Victorian teacher.

Yesterday morning Mr Budge was a Victorian teacher and he had a big voice. He made the boys stand at the front and the girls stand at the back. I was really scared because I thought he was going to give me the cane. Then he made us all stand up and checked our hands and hair to make sure they were clean. He told me that I had dirty finger nails and when I was cheeky to him he holded my hair and took me across the classroom to tell me off. But it was ok because it was just pretend.

Next Mr Budge made us do lots of drills and that is lots of different exercises that made us tired. he got us to do jumps and running and swinging our arms lots of times and I was worn out. All the time he was being cross and telling all the children that we were not doing it enough and so we had to do it again. We did it so much that it was like I was going to fall down. But we couldn't stop and he would not let us speak. We could only do this when he said something to us and we were only let to call him sir and not Mr Budge.

Afterwards he made us sit down and not speak. When Matty did talk Mr Budge was really cross with Matty and said that children should not be heard. So he took Matty outside the classroom and gave him the cane. We could all hear Matty screaming but knew he was pretending because we could see Mr Budge was not really hitting him.

Finally we had to do our spelling check and use slates like they did when they were Victorian schools. We had to sit in silence and Mr Budge would only say the spelling words just one time and would be cross if we did any talking and crash his cane on the table to make a big noise. When he did this it really made me jump because I didn't know he would do it. Then he would check our spellings and get cross when our handwriting was not good even when it was hard to write with the little sticks we had.

My best bit of Mr Budge being a Victorian teacher was when he was checking to see if we were clean because he was getting really cross with us and said we were all dirty. 

Victorian Teaching