Visiting the Library

posted 25 Mar 2013, 23:29 by   [ updated 25 Mar 2013, 23:29 ]
Today 1JB took a trip out into the freezing cold spring air to visit the town’s library. We wanted to find out all the different things our library does and take a look at all the different books and other things they have for us to use. 

It was quite a long walk to get there but we all enjoyed it, as it was a different way to spend Monday morning at school. Once we arrived we took our coats off and warmed ourselves up before meeting Cath, the librarian. She told us all about the library and the things that can be done there. She also recognised lots of us from our own visits to the library with our family.

After we found out all about the library, Cath read us a really funny story about a wallaby that didn’t like being in his mummy’s pouch anymore and tried to find somewhere else to live. We really enjoyed listening to Cath telling the story and especially all the parts that we got to join in with.

When we had finished the story, we soon got busy looking at all the books in the library and sharing them with our friends. This was really fun because we got to show each other all the books we like and tell each other why, as well as find books that we already had at school and at home.

Then it was time to go back to school. So we put on our coats, hats and gloves and, when we were wrapped up tight enough, we braved the cold spring air and made our way back to school.

We all really enjoyed our visit and we are looking forward to visiting the library again with our families to find some really great books to read.

Library Visit