Watch Out Wolf!

posted 17 Mar 2013, 13:00 by   [ updated 17 Mar 2013, 13:01 ]
After our interview with the Big Bad Wolf and all that we have learnt about him from different stories we were more than ready to help the fairy tale police when they contacted us on Thursday. They told us that they were worried that, since the Wolf has escaped from fairy tale land, he will get up to lots of trickiness and try to gobble up lots of Grandmas in Ilfracombe. To help stop him doing this, they asked us to design some posters and write some warning messages so that people could spot him hanging about and call the police, or the woodcutter, straight away. 

To do this properly, we had to really think about writing with adjectives to describe what the wolf looks like and the kinds of things he might be up to when he is sneaking around. Because we have been learning all about writing with adjectives in Literacy we found this job fairly easy, but learnt that we could make our descriptions even better by joining more than one adjective together to make really powerful descriptions.

Here are some of our warning posters for you to look at. Read them carefully to learn all about that nasty, tricky Wolf; just in case you see him hanging around the town. Be careful because he is really sneaky and make sure, if you do see him, that you get in contact with 1JB so we can call for the Woodcutter!

Wolf Posters