Poetry Competition

posted 14 Mar 2013, 06:17 by Deb Hockley   [ updated 14 Mar 2013, 06:17 by jason@ilfracombe-inf.devon.sch.uk ]
Imagination Island
Some of the children in our class entered their Imagination Island poems into a National Poetry Competition. 'My First Rhyme' is a competition which was built into our existing planning for our 'All Around the World' topic. The children had to think of words to describe their imaginary island and then think of rhyming couplets (other words which sound the same) for those words. They then had the tricky job of moving these words around in sentences to make sure that the rhyming words were at the end. The children had great fun making up rhyming sentences and the poems produced were fantastic! I will keep everyone posted if I hear any good news from the competition organisers, but even if we do not win anything we should all be very proud of our achievements anyway! You are all fantastic writers and I am hugely proud of you all :)
Just click on the pdf link below to read our work! :)
14 Mar 2013, 06:17