Visiting the Dilkhusa Grand Hotel

posted 31 Jan 2013, 06:05 by Deb Hockley   [ updated 31 Jan 2013, 06:05 by ]
We had a wonderful morning finding out about the Dilkhusa Grand Hotel with Rodrigo and his family.

Dilkhusa Grand Hotel

We visited the hotel's kitchen, restaurant and bedrooms. We found out that...
"The knives and forks were different because there was some for fish, some for pudding and some for dinner" by Paris.
"There was a 182 chairs around the Dining room, we ran aound counting them with our fingers" by Shelbie.
"You are not allowed to touch the food in the kitchen and you have to wash your hands before you go in the kitchen" by Harry.
"In the kitchen there was really big pots and pans because they have to feed 186 people" by Max.
"There was lots of fire exits around the hotel because if there was a fire they were the quickest way out, the signs were green with running man on it" by Josh.