Here comes the Bride...

posted 20 Mar 2013, 09:56 by m coleman   [ updated 20 Mar 2013, 09:56 by ]
Wow! Mr Tucker arranged a mock wedding for us in 1MC on Monday! It was brilliant :-) We arranged the classroom furniture to create a wedding venue. Then we learnt about the roles of people at a wedding and acted out our own ceremony! Take a look at the brilliant pictures...
Kole proudly walked Billie down the aisle in his role as Father of the Bride.
We had to listen carefully to Mr Tucker and join in when it was the right time.
The Bride and Groom exchanged rings and had to make promises to each other.
The witnesses had to sign important documents. We learnt that the Bride and Groom take home a certificate of marriage.
The Bride and Groom posed for photographs with their family. Tyler W made a super photographer.