Investigating space bubbles...

posted 29 Apr 2013, 08:56 by m coleman   [ updated 29 Apr 2013, 09:08 by ]
Wow! We have been very busy practising and developing our observing and questioning skills! We carried out a science experiment all about bubbles!
 First we put space rockets (raisins) in space juice (lemonade) and observed closely what happened.
We found that the space rocks sank to the bottom, collected bubbles around them and then they flaoted to the top. At the top the bubbles burst and the space rocks sank again!
What if....
We then used our thinking and questioing skills to extend our investigation.
 "What if we change the space rocks?"
We tried using strawberry slices, grapes and chocolate raisins. We predicted that the chocolate raisins would go up and down so we were suprised when they just sank to the bottom! The grapes span around when bubbles collected on them and floated and sank. It was really interesting to see what happened when we put these different thinks in lemonade.
"What if we change the space juice?"
We kept the space rocks the same (raisins) to keep it a fair test and used different coloured fizzy drinks.
From our observations we knew that the liquid we used needed to have bubbles in because it was the bubbles that made the raisins float and sink. So we wanted to see if the colour of the water made a difference. We found that the raisins floated and sank in every colour liquid we tried.