This week Sammy the Seagull is off to London!

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Wow Sammy Seagull has been sending us lots of photographs of his adventures in London!
We have learnt about different ways to travel in London. We drew and painted pictures of the big red buses and black taxis. We also looked at the famous buildings in London that Sammy Seagull had visited. We learnt that the Queen lives in Buckingham Palace which is an amazingly big place! We love the big gates and looking at the pictures of the Guards.
Here is a picture of the London display in our classroom. We had to look really carefully at the lines and shapes in the buildings.
We are building our learning powers in 1MC!
Well done to Tilly for getting the Reflective Tortoise award. We were really impressed with how you planned what you were going to do and then checked your work through duing independent writing time :-).
 Monday 21st January
Ellie was awarded the Resilient Owl award today because she kept going and didn't give up during Numeracy. Super effort :-).
We decided to write to the Queen, here are a few of the Questions we would like to ask her...
What is your favourite hobby?
What does the palace look like inside?
Is your crown comfortable to wear?
Do you have any pets? If you do, do they wear crowns too?
What is it lie to live in London?
Did you really jump out of the plance in the Olympics?
What would you like to ask the Queen?
We tried to present our writing in interesting ways.
Monday 21st January
Yeay well done to Harriet for getting the Reflective Tortoise award today. Harriet explains why she got the award "I told everyone what I found out in my numeracy investigation".
Super star Harriet :-).
Yeay Kole got the Reciprocal Penguins award for listening to other children on the carpet and telling the class what we learnt yesterday. Super effort :-).