Welcome to 1MC's brand new blog!

posted 10 Jan 2013, 06:43 by m coleman   [ updated 11 Jan 2013, 08:38 by jason@ilfracombe-inf.devon.sch.uk ]
Hello everybody! Miss Coleman is learning how to make our class blog! We are really excited to be able to share what we have been learning and doing at school with you on here. Hopefully (if Miss Coleman remembers correctly!) we will be able to show you photographs of us and our work :-). We hope you enjoy following our 1MC blog...
Yeay :-)  First photograph uploaded! Our lovely   christmas performance of Hey Ewe!
Ahhh a picture of our brilliant bread party Little Red Hen organised for us. Great memories.
It has been so lovely to see 1MC's smiley faces this week after the Christmas Holidays. We loved sharing what we did in the holidays and are really excited to be back at school with our friends.
This half term our topic is Around the World. This week we have been learning about Ilfracombe. Sammy Seagul asked us questions for us to answer about our town. We have been learning to use the word because in our sentence writing, I wonder if you can practice this at home?
As a class we decided to draw pictures of Capstone Hill because of the interesting shapes of the hill, the zig zag path and the house rooftops. We use oil pastel and practiced careful small brush strokes when painting. We are really proud of them, we hope you like them too.