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What a great morning we had exploring the beach, we were super lucky today with the weather, we can't believe we managed to avoid all the rain.  When we got to the beach we had a sandcastle and hole digging competition, the standards were very high this year and I'll let you choose a winner from the photos!  You'll never believe what happened next, we went for a little explore around the boats to see what we could find and Samuel and Reuben stumbled upon some paper lurking under some slimy seaweed.  When we unravelled it we were amazed to discover it was a treaure map!  In no time at all the children had discovered some treasure buried in the sand but then we discovered something we hadn't expected, it was pirate treasure.  Quickly we put all the loot back and buried it so the pirates wouldn't discover we had been there. 
After that we had more time to finish off our sandcastles and bury Miss Green and Lillie in the sand.  We would like to say a HUGE thankyou to Annie's family for giving us a massive bag of the most delicious ROLYS FUDGE, there was enough in there for us all to have 3 pieces each!  Also a BIG thanks to Hazel's Mum Lucy and Lillia's Dad Michael for joining in with the fun.

Beach Trip

A visit from the Queen

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The children were very excited to meet Queen Victoria and her entourage this week.  We all lined up outside our classroom ready to show the Queen our best curtsies and bows.  She failed to live up to her stern reputation and was rather friendly, chatting to some lucky children as she toured around the school.  After that we were lucky that the rain stopped for long enough to allow the whole school to wizz down to the bottom playground and sing all the Victorian songs that Mr Tucker had taught us.

Queen Victoria


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This week we had a go at making a popular victorian drink, traditional lemonade.  We rolled, zested, twisted, squeezed and tasted.  The children were very careful not to grate their fingers as we didn't want pink lemonade!


Teddy Bears Picnic

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Its that time again ... Victorian week!  Last Monday we all grabbed our teddies and packed lunches and headed down to the seafront for some good old fashioned Victorian entertainment.  Thankyou to all our adults who came down and joined in for our picnic lunch and general running around!

teddy bears picnic

Master Mathematicians

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This week we made the longest number sentence we have ever made!  We all had a challenge to write as many number sentences as we could to make 100 using the bead strings to help us.  Once we had all come up with lots of different ways of making 100 we took all our number sentences to the carpet.  We learnt that the equals sign means 'the same as' and used this to work together to make our HUGE number sentence.  It looked a little like this 10 + 90 = 50 + 50 = 80 + 20 = 55 + 45 and so on!

Shadow Puppets

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Last week we were very lucky to have a special puppet making visitor come into school.  We learnt all about different kinds of puppets and how to be a puppeteer by doing things like changing our voices.  After watching the puppet show we then went back to class and made our own sea side puppets before returning to the hall to put on a little puppet show of our own!  Here we are in action ...

Shadow Puppets

Super Sonic Writers

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Last term the children did some fantastic writing about space here are just a few examples of lovely story telling and news reporting.

Moon Landing News Report

Bob The Dog

Rocket Man (and woman)

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The children had lots of fun in science and DT making rockets!  In science the children had to help Bob the Rocket Dog fly as high/far as they could.  The children had to think about what we already know about flying and then use our bodies to help make the dog fly.  We had lots of creative thinkers in the class, some added extra large ears/wings, some jumped on the rocket launcher, some of us even took our shoes off to try and help launch that dog into space.  In DT the children had to work together to make the strongest rocket.  Have a look at the pictures to see some of the fun we had.


Sam's Grandad

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A huge thank you to Sam's Grandad who came in to share his love of science with the class.  The chi
ldren were inspired by all the different experiments that he shared with them and we are regularly checking those pennies in vinegar to observe closely what is happening to them.  They particularly enjoyed the 'real' volcano experiment that foamed and foamed!
I think we have a class of budding little scientists, please let us know if you do any experiments at home.  We are yet to do my favourite science experiment this term, I'm saving the best for last! ;)

Children take over

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We thought it would be nice if the children had a go at blogging whilst we were in the ICT suite, reporting for 1RG today are Harmony, Amelia, Caleb H and Callie.  In ICT we have been practicing our keyboard skills and learning how to change the font, colour and size of text in Word and PowerPoint.  Last week we started our own powerpoint presentations on space.  The children had to search for a space picture and then copy and paste it into their document.  They then had a go at animating the way the image entered the screen.  Here's what the children thought about the past week;
Harmony - I like to writ about when me and my frend crash onto a planet and when we explord the planet.
Amelia - I like to play with my friends we were playing  it and i like reeding and writing.
Caleb H -I liked learning about space and writing and playing hide ad seek with harmony, annie and Olivia.
Callie - I liked writing and reading and handwriting and playing and counting.

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