Children in Space!

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On Friday we were really lucky to have the opportunity to work with Joe and Julie Wing and go on a Space Adventure!  Joe had brought along his magical tool kit and some rocket building bricks and when he combined this with the children’s hard work and imaginations they were able to build a rocket and blast off into space.  Whilst they were flying they had a good look out the windows and saw sparkly stars, different planets and even some flying aliens.  All of a sudden their space flight was hit by a meteorite and the children crashed landed on a strange planet.  They survived and bravely explored the mysterious planet, looking carefully they spotted space frogs and butterflies, alien footprints and much, much more.  When it was time to go home they had to work together to rebuild their rocket and luckily made it back to school unharmed! Phew! Joe and Julie had a fantastic time and said they really enjoyed spending time with the class and that the children had brilliant imaginations.  Well Done 1RG :)

Outdoor Space Adventure