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What a great morning we had exploring the beach, we were super lucky today with the weather, we can't believe we managed to avoid all the rain.  When we got to the beach we had a sandcastle and hole digging competition, the standards were very high this year and I'll let you choose a winner from the photos!  You'll never believe what happened next, we went for a little explore around the boats to see what we could find and Samuel and Reuben stumbled upon some paper lurking under some slimy seaweed.  When we unravelled it we were amazed to discover it was a treaure map!  In no time at all the children had discovered some treasure buried in the sand but then we discovered something we hadn't expected, it was pirate treasure.  Quickly we put all the loot back and buried it so the pirates wouldn't discover we had been there. 
After that we had more time to finish off our sandcastles and bury Miss Green and Lillie in the sand.  We would like to say a HUGE thankyou to Annie's family for giving us a massive bag of the most delicious ROLYS FUDGE, there was enough in there for us all to have 3 pieces each!  Also a BIG thanks to Hazel's Mum Lucy and Lillia's Dad Michael for joining in with the fun.

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