Round the World

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Yesterday all the children went for a trip around the world, they visited lots of different countries.  Lillie, Bradley and Lillia enjoyed eating the Naan bread and trying all the spices.  Harmony, Skye and Lily Mae liked visiting Poland and painting the eggs because at Easter in Poland some children paint eggs and take them to Church.  Sam and Fisnik loved building the Great Wall of China with wooden bricks.  Rhiann and Reuben enjoyed tasting all the different food.  Annie enjoed all of Australia.  Matthew and Ben liked China because he got to try on dragon masks and James liked writing his name in chinese.  Hazel and Ostara loved making little scottish men with kilts on and having Hazel's Mummy in to help show everyone around.  Bradley, Charlotte, Fisnik, Matthew, JJ, and Lillia enjoyed showing their Mums and Dads around after school.  We hope you enjoyed it too.

1RG goes Round the World