World Book Day

posted 8 Mar 2013, 08:51 by Unknown user   [ updated 14 Apr 2013, 03:03 by ]
Wowee what a fun day we had today.  The day started off with the Year 1 teachers doing their best acting on stage, performing Little Red Riding Hood with a few twists along the way!  (Photos to follow soon)
Then when we got back to class the children had the opportunity to act out their own LRRH stories.
In the afternoon we linked up with our new book buddies from Foundation.  The children read their stories to the foundation children then the foundation children read their stories to us.  We loved helping them sound out their words!
Thankyou to all the adults who managed to come in to share a story with the children at the end of the day, we hope you enjoyed the children's impromtu performance.
We really love having you coming in and spending time with us :)